Tuesday, September 23, 2008

03) Mass Media

When I hear the words ‘mass media’ so many things run through my mind. Then an idea hit me while I was listening, to of all things, the Jonas Brothers. I started thinking about it and how they’re connected to mass media. We-the mass media-are the audience waiting for giant corporations to dish out the latest fad. When you stop and really think about it, the Jonas Brothers are just that. They’ve been manufactured to appeal to the mass media.

The Jonas Brothers are appealing in many ways. They’re a trio of fairly good-looking brothers with great style that make catchy music that all can sing and dance along to no matter the age. Not only that, but they’ve created a wholesome image by publicly stating to be virgins until marriage. They make this look good by wearing stylish chastity rings on their ring fingers. Being Disney stars doesn’t hurt too. This all combined, appeals to parents which then allows the children to purchase their CD’s, watch their movies, go see them in concert, watch their TV shows etc.

I personally think we, the mass media, tend to be a bit jaded when it comes to thinking on our own. Don’t get me wrong, I do secretly love the Jonas Brothers and I do like some of their songs. Mostly the mushy love songs, but I can’t help but now think that they’re just another corporate creation, sort of like a Barbie (or Ken in this case) doll made to perfection, specifically aimed to appeal to the mass media to sell millions.

The sad part is that despite knowing all of this, I eventually give in to it, just like many others do. I’m not going to lie, I do have a Jonas Brothers album on my ipod, and my favourite song right now is ‘Lovebug.’


Leviana Coccia said...
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Leviana Coccia said...

I love when you wrote that the Jonas Brothers were manufactured.
(I am not going to lie, I am not a fan of the Jonas Brothers but a lot of my friends from my high school are so I wish they could see what you just wrote!)
Well done :)